Monday, September 22, 2014

A Baker Family Road Trip

As promised, here is the update on our last venture…The Howard Family Reunion in Lava Hot Springs.  Let me start by saying that driving six kids eight hours, promises to be eventful! I will save you the drama and headache of depicting the FULL eight hour drive, but in a nut shell this is what a long drive in the famous "Party Wagon" (twelve passenger van) looks like.

Plan to leave at 4:00 pm
Actually leave at 7:00 pm

Finally get on the road and wait…give it about ten minutes…

"Mom! I have to pee"
…"Mom! I'm hungry"
…"That's a dumb movie, why can't we watch something good?!"
…"Kyle's touching me"
…"Stay on your half of the bench!"
…"Can we stop for a treat"
…"Mom! I'm thirsty!"
…"Dad! Are we there yet?!"
…"Dad, dad, dad, dad…"
…"Mom! are we there yet?!"
…"Mom! I'm Squished!"
…"Mom! I'm Bored!"
…"Whats that smell?!"…"TYLER!"

You can basically put this soundtrack on repeat for eight hours, and you'll get the idea.

Once we arrived in Lava Hot Springs, we were pleasantly surprised with our lodging. We weren't quite sure what to expect, but the two small cabins sitting on five acres of secluded land was just perfect! That night we enjoyed visiting around the fire while enjoying a delicious tinfoil dinner.

We played a lot of cards and board games in the evenings. Then jam-packed our days with outdoor play and activities such as, swimming/water slides, target shooting, fishing,  and sight seeing. It was great to spend time with Brad and the kids and reconnect with my siblings as well. 

A special shout out for my sister, Charity and her husband, Todd: She read my last post depicting my hesitant children as well as my diet restrictions and the absence of junk food provisions…Well, they made sure to provide plenty of treats for my kiddos (Brad included), who were happy to oblige, of course! Thank you Charity!

Overall, we had an awesome trip! Looking forward to doing it again and again, for many years to come :)

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  1. Aside from the long ride, sounds like you had a great time! See you soon!
    Love you all. Grumpa & Grandma